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Our Capabilities

Human Resource Services

With a firm belief that the most valuable asset for organisations are the people, we offer a wide range of comprehensive Human Resource Services with the aim to unlock the full potential of work forces in East Africa.

This is important in helping organisations thrive.

Our HRS Approach:

At Grant Thornton, we believe in a holistic approach to HRS. Our services encompass:

    1. Strategic HR Consulting: Align your HR strategy with your business goals for maximum impact.
    2. Recruitment and Staffing: Source, evaluate and onboard the talent that fuels your success.
    3. Training and Development: Cultivate a culture of learning and growth within your organisation.
    4. Compliance and Legal Support: Navigate complex labor laws with confidence and integrity.
    5. Performance Management: Set clear expectations and measures outcomes for continuous improvement.

Benefits You Can Expect:

    • A workforce that drives innovation and growth.
    • Reduce turnover and increased employee satisfaction.
    • Risk mitigation through legal compliance.
    • Enhanced organisational performance and productivity

We are more than just HRS; we're about helping you achieve your business objectives. Let us be your strategic partner in creating a thriving, high-performing workforce that propels your organisation to new heights.

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Download our Human Resource Capability Statement by clicking on the Download PDF link on the right hand side of this page.